Artwork: The Future of Animals
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Art of Micahel Godey
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The Future of Animals

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"Future of Animals" the

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The Future of Animals

As the storm approached, fog formed so thick that they no longer relied on their sight but their other senses to feel each other’s presence. As the wind picked up, rain began to fall. The pack shifted closer together. The fog began to disappear. As the wind became still stronger, a large tree fell, missing the pack, and formed a bridge over them. They ran out, returned and changed their positions to the shape of the fallen tree. Soon they moved still closer together and closer to the roots of the uprooted tree. After a while, they began digging a cave from a small pocket formed by the uprooted tree so all could benefit from its protection. From there they looked out and watched grey sheets of rain while listening to the sounds of the storm.

It become dark as night quickly followed the storm. T They slept with their eyes open as the wind and rain further increased creating a river below their resting place. Dark clouds delayed the morning light. By mid-day, the rain became a drizzle with little wind. They watched as a pond began draining and suddenly broke through to the river. Rocks, as well as the elevation, saved them and the immediate forest from being washed away completely. Their cave now became flooded, so the pack formed a line under the fallen tree.

For a short time, the storm quieted still more and the coyotes searched for acorns to eat. After foraging, Faces-the-Storm walked to the river and looked into the water, made still by another fallen tree breaking the rapid current. Unintentionally her reflection while now coyote, showed also the faintest outline of a woman’s face. She knew the day before if she appeared as she looked now she would have struggled for acceptance from the rest of the pack. Now it did not matter. She returned without protest from the others, which already returned to the tree.


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The Ever Changing Original Story

White Wolf again enters in the place of Worlds to Come. This time, along with grass, herbs now cover the red Earth among the rocks. By the river, While Wolf pauses between a breath. Her heart expands beyond her exp eriences. Each experience shows only part of her heart. She once felt rewarded for wisdom, but here her rewards are as small as a single flash of sunlight off the water. Her wisdom becomes but a moment of uncertainty in her journey to reach here. She glances at the river and back at everything that came before; more than any other river this ancient river changes.
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