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Future of Animals

The Imaginary Future of Animals stort stories Available at Eye on The Mountain Art Gallery
"Memory Bird; The Future of Art”

    As raven cries above the trees, a pinecone drops. Wind races through evergreen needles. The ripped canvas seems to her like an old bird with wings thrashing attempting to fly from tree to tree.
    As the wind turns the canvas, it changes from faded colors to the dirty off white on the other side. On one side a child clearly sees an old mission church on the orphan canvas ripped off its stretcher by the wind. The church’s color seems to vaguely mirror the brighter color of the sun as it floats as a big orange ball near the horizon. In the distance, vestiges of ancient trees left from a fire followed by a flood poke their silhouettes into the turbulent sky.  She runs so quickly to grasp the canvas, she almost trips. When she is within a breath of the canvas, she grabs the canvas bird with an out stretched hand.
    Happily, she walks quickly back down the path as she dances the canvas in her left hand. She piles it on top of other such canvas birds. One she caught seemed to attempt to fly like a wounded albatross, dragging the remains of a half-attached stretcher along the ground. Others show the colors of old churches and barns, some the once brighter colors of flowers, some the green of the forest, and a few display many different colors with wild patterns...

Blue Lady

Music by Michael Godey
Pictures From Imaginary Future of Animals

Opening Evening May 29th Eye on the Mountain Gallery, Santa Fe, Neew Mexico
Music Available at Reverb Nation

Coyote Changing


Ever Changing Original Story

White Wolf again enters in the place of Worlds to Come. This time, along with grass, herbs now cover the red Earth among the rocks. By the river, While Wolf pauses between a breath. Her heart expands beyond her exp eriences. Each experience shows only part of her heart. She once felt rewarded for wisdom, but here her rewards are as small as a single flash of sunlight off the water. Her wisdom becomes but a moment of uncertainty in her journey to reach here. She glances at the river and back at everything that came before; more than any other river this ancient river changes.

Two Stars
Anthology of Short Stories

White Wolf

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